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Mike in Toronto

Mike is a Toronto News Magazine catering to the News, Business, Entertainment and Sports that matter to Torontonians. Toronto is the most culturally diverse city in the world, and the largest in Canada.

People from everywhere are here, contributing to the very fabric of the city, from  China Town to Little Italy, from The Greek Danforth to the Synagogues on Bathurst Street.

People in the 416 are passionate about the news, passionate about small business and love a good night on the town, with entertainment options a plenty. We also love our sports teams, with a passion we bleed blue and white! Typically Toronto! Mike gives you an authentic Toronto Perspective!

Toronto Feature

Welcome News for Toronto Locksmiths

Toronto’s hot housing market means many properties are changing hands at the end of each month, that in turn brings a lot of trickle down business to home service based industries. Toronto’s locksmith industry is no exception. But finding yourself in an emergency lockout situation is not one of those feel good moments, Ore – the owner of 24 Locksmith Toronto explains:

One of the busiest times of the month for these companies is month end. People moving into new properties often fell more at ease when the locks on the new properties they have purchased are completely changed or re-keyed. Peace of mind for home owners and a big boost to the locksmith economy in the city.

toronto-nightWhile month end welcomed additional business for many companies. emergency lockouts remain a locksmiths bread and butter so to speak.

There is nothing worse than arriving home from a night out in Toronto’s entertainment district and breaking your key off in your door after a few too many, only to stumble around to your back door and find that you have double locked it. Even worse if it is a typical Toronto January and it is -20c with another -10 factored into the wind chill.You find yourself with two sobering choices. Either break a window and let yourself in, or call a locksmith.

Most people in this situation do two things, find a Tim Hortons and get out their smart phone and start looking for a locksmith near them.

One dilemma that has been well documented in the U.S. has been the evolution of the locksmith scam.  Un-assuming people in an emergency head to their favourite search engine, you know the one starting with G and ending with E, and call the first result they see,

What can happen is you call is directed to a call centre, not only can these call centres be located outside of Toronto, but they can be outside of Canada. A unqualified “technician” will soon be at your door, drilling your existing lock out and sticking you with an enormous bill for a new lockset.

Your night out at the club just got very expensive!

This story and the ease at which unqualified people can advertise themselves as locksmiths has  legitimate locksmiths like 24 Locksmith shaking their heads.

Good news is that a pilot project announced earlier this year by the big search G in the U.S. is aimed at making locksmith companies qualify themselves through a question and answer process and a two week waiting period before they can even think about advertising. This has legitimate and skilled locksmiths excited and so called lock “technicians” wondering when it is coming for them. This means an end to their tactics.

24’s Ore offered some tips on how to spot these call centre based companies and protect yourself from ending up with a big headache and even bigger bill.

  • Ask where they are located – are they really local
  • Ask about pricing – is it understandable or just a range of prices?
  • Ask if they plan on drilling the lock – This is usually a last resort for high security locks

These questions will allow you to make an educated choice if you are ever in an emergency situation, and give you some peace of mind that you have actually hired a pro!

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