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Yonge-Dundas Square – The Heart of Toronto 

While it sorts of resembles Times Square it something we can call out own certainly has a lot of Canadian heart. There is always something going on, more than just awesome events and free movie nights.

Given the history of the Yonge-Dundas Square, change happened and it happened over time.

The square back in 2003 was not finished nor it was holding a lot of people’s attention, in fact a lot of folks skeptical about it. I mean, what could this Square offer them years ago?

Not much but hope that the people that made the decision to buildit had made the right one. Still, it proved it was a phenomenal idea to conceive and build and it now thrives, naturally in the heart of the city.

The vibe and sights and sounds of the downtown city were thrilling. Everything happens on the street and yet it is  clean, safe and exhilarating.

Change is necessary and Yonge-Dundas Square accepted the mission of change. They needed it, badly if they wanted the community to accept it and over the years they did.  It has gone though many changes but today is flourishing and showcasing diversity among the community, it took many steps and incarnations to finally realize this accomplishment.

Without the square adapting and changing to suit society and the growing trends it would not have come this far today. YD Square will still have many memories for those who have encountered it when it first opened. 

But why is the square so important to the city of Toronto?

Why does it matter?

Without the bustling of pedestrians and the flashing signs and a man breathing fire on the corner, what would we have?


With the square being live and bustling on weekends and hosting special events,  we have so much to look forward to!

The square is an attraction  all on its own for out of towners or visitors from afar and first time visitors are always in awe of it.

Firstly, you will never be bored at the square, because there is always something going on that will pique your interest. It is the perfect area for meeting points and to give tours to family or friends that live overseas.

Without the diverse restaurants or the live music and events, why bother going there? These are the things that bring different generations together to explore, be curious and stay entertained. 

With all the activity going on at the square it makes it live, full of energy. Each holiday at the square it is always something special going on. You just cannot miss it. Toronto is a great city that is flourishing and with Yonge-Dundas Square it has tipped the scales in favour of travellers and local Torontonians  stop at the square and have something to admire and be proud of.

From the crowds of the people enjoying and evening in the downtown core to the drummers that are beating them selves silly,  bicyclists and break dancers, head spinning and rooting in any temperature, to religious preachers.

Yonge and Dundas is undoubtedly the  heart of Toronto.

Just keep in mind, YD Square is not Time’s Square in New York, it is its own identity. The square is a monument to people and to Toronto.

YD Square created a community experience that brings everyone together.

Toronto’s and Canada’s very own square has evolved over the years  into something we can all be truly proud of and something that puts Toronto on the same scale as other world class cities.