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Yorkdale Mall – North Toronto Shopping Destination

With its’ upcoming birthday in February 2017, Yorkdale Mall has always been and will continue to be a giant among the people. I mean, it is the fourth largest mall in the country. Given the upgrades and how the mall is geared towards the younger generation, it still has the nostalgia that some of the older generation still remembers. Some folks still find it hard to believe how much Yorkdale has changed since the 1960’s but it changed for the better. Each decade there is a new trend and a new audience to cater to. Yorkdale Mall has a facelift that brings out the stars in your eyes. It is the future of luxury shopping experience and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Lately, there has been a massive growth in shopping malls and specialty retail stores and not all shopping malls have survived. For nearly 53 years, Yorkdale has not only survived but is now thriving because unlike most malls around the world, Yorkdale created a community experience that brings everyone together. This is a mall where shopping is no longer a destination but instead evolving into an active hangout place. With the café and restaurants in place, add a movie theater to boot, I’d say the best place to shop and hang with friends and family is Yorkdale.

There are still folks finding their way back to Yorkdale Shopping Centre even after thirty years. It is importance to Toronto are those loyal shoppers who have been enjoying the experience since their grandparents frequented the shopping mall back in the 1960s’s and 1970’s. It’s like my grandparents passing down the baton to my parents and then my parents to me and so forth. That is how I see Yorkdale in all its glory. It may have changed over the years but one thing has been consistent; Us. Without the people who fell in love with Yorkdale then it would not exist. Without Yorkdale, we would not have a place to go where the shopping experience is amazing and social networking is on the rise. This mall has evolved beyond just a pay and leave destination,’ it is a place where we as customers are looking for that holistic experience and an upbeat customer service attitude. Yorkdale retail outlets provide the wholesome experience that after all these years has not changed.

The retail world is challenging, but as most challenges it presents an opportunity and Yorkdale Mall capitalized on it. The opportunity was to adapt and grow and our lovely mall shows it in the infrastructure, the outlets, and the customer service. Some people may see Yorkdale as a relic but it is a relic with uplifting changes that still holds a place in hearts around the country. It is adaptable, changeable and most of all it is still important to Torontonians. It’s more than just buying merchandise, it is about the overall experience. Change can be good and it can offer opportunities to grow. Yorkdale is not stuck in yesteryear because as we change the Yorkdale experience changes too, for the better.